Sunshine Coast paintless dent removal. Get your dents fixed professionally without paint, fillers or putty!

We know there's nothing worse than an unslightly dent in your pride and joy.
Using our innnovative tools and technology we'll get your car looking like new again, without the stress, time, cost and paint of expensive body shop methods.


PDR (paintless dent removal or paintless dent repair) is an onsite process whereby dents and
dings are removed without the need for sanding, filling or repainting
and preformed by a
skilled technician without disturbing or damaging the paint - restoring your car and saving
you money and time for a fraction of the cost of traditonal body shop methods.


No Ever-Dents is an owner operated business. Leroy has over 15 years experience in the
conventional auto body shop and has been specializing solely in Paintless Dent Repair since
2005. We guarantee quality customer service to all sunshine coast and hinterland areas at
competetive prices.